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July 10, 2011

Sean's new movie project

Sean will be starring as Sgt. Tanner in "The Boys of Abu Ghraib" an independent movie has begun filming in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Think "Hurt Locker" for genre.

Based on the true events that occurred at Abu Ghraib in 2003, the film is about a group of young soldiers thrown into a hellish environment, with little but each other to help them cope with the challenges they face.
(video at this link)

All American Jack Farmer leaves behind a fulfilling life to serve his country in Iraq at the peak of the war on terrorism. Stationed at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison, he is pushed to his limit as a daily bombardment of insurgent mortar attacks continually threaten his life. When an opportunity arises to work for the Military Police, Farmer jumps at it and finds himself behind the walls of the infamous Hard Site, a compound for the highest priority terrorists. He’s introduced to the world of military intelligence by Sergeant Tanner, whose harsh, and sometimes inhumane treatment of detainees raises doubts within Farmer about the Army’s procedure.



June 10, 2011

Sean will be speaking at the UCLA English Department's graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 11, 6:30pm.

"Our alumni speaker is Sean Astin:
Sean Astin graduated from UCLA with a double major in American Literature and Culture and History in 1997. He has performed in over 70 films and television shows, from "The Goonies" to the more recent "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Additionally, Astin works in film and television as a writer, director, and producer while also dedicating time to several charities, including the National Center for Family Literacy.'



Mai 28,2011

Both Sean Astin and Elijah Wood were involved in the making of young Clay Beabout's short film "Deep Blue Breath" which is now available on DVD from the Make a Film Foundation, It's a sweetly touching story written by and starring then 11-year old Clay, and quite an amazing achievement for him. Clay suffers from the rare VATER syndrome and has undergone dozens of surgeries.

Deep Blue Breath is about where Clay's mind goes during his surgeries. Sean plays his father. Elijah was one of Clay's mentors during the film making process, and is featured in the "making of" documentary included on the DVD.

You can purchase the DVD from MAFF for a small donation. The film is being shown at various small film festivals and won't be advertised on their site until they are over, but you can email info@makeafilmfoundation for details on purchasing it now.


Mai 18, 2011

Online petition to have Samwise in The Hobbit!

Frodo is returning to Middle-earth without his Sam and it simply isn't right. Let Peter Jackson know that if actor Elijah Wood is going to reprise his role as Frodo Baggins in The Hobbit movies then actor Sean Astin who played Samwise Gamgee should be included, too. After all, everyone knows that Frodo wouldn't have got far without Sam.

Please sign the online petition HERE:




Mai 7, 2011

Sean did a Q&A session with host Phil Cooke at the Biola Media Conference in Studio City, CA last weekend. Along with other topics, they discussed some of Sean’s acting experiences, including The Lord of the Rings with director Peter Jackson.

“When he walks on the set, there is already an expectation for greatness,” Sean said. After one particular scene, Jackson told Sean his acting wasn’t believable, so they did another take. “I believe that,” Jackson told him.

When the topic of content creation came up, Sean expressed his dislike for the term “content creator,” likening it to calling Mozart a “note arranger.” A better term is “artists,” he added.

Sean also talked about the importance of having confidence in yourself and in others. “My father told me that nobody is a chess piece on a board and every single human being’s life has dignity and value,” he said.

Sean backstage before the Q&A.

Sean with some of the Biola volunteers and staff.

Photos courtesy Nathan Morgan,


Mai 6, 2011

Sean has always shown an interest in politics, campaigning for John Kerry in 2004 and more extensively for Hillary Clinton in 2008. Now he is focusing more locally, serving as campaign manager for Dan Adler, who is running in a special election for US Congress from California #36 district. Sean has accompanied Adler at forums and rallies, and produced and directed several campaign videos. The election is May 17.


April 24, 2011

Sean Astin now has an official Twitter account to add to his Facebook page:!/SeanAstin_LA


April 21, 2011

Sean has created his own Facebook page, Within a few hours, nearly 1,000 people had "liked" his page and scores had posted welcomes to him.

Among his first posts, Sean said he was prepping for the Democrats for Israel Debate in Hermosa Beach, California, in support of Dan Adler for US Congress and linked to his campaign web site.

Photo from

April 19, 2011

From a press release:

Make A Film Foundation (MAFF) proudly presents the world film premiere and red carpet gala benefit of “Deep Blue Breath" starring Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings), Miguel Sandoval (Medium), Natasha Gregson Wagner (High Fidelity), Ernie Hudson (Oz, Ghostbusters), directed by Patricia Cardoso and introducing Clay Beabout. The event will be held at the Writers Guild Theater on Saturday, April 30th at 7:30 PM. Red carpet begins at 6 PM.

“Deep Blue Breath” was written by Clay Beabout when he was 11-years-old and is based on his true-life experiences. Clay has a rare, life-threatening disorder called V.A.T.E.R. Syndrome and will undergo his 40th surgery days after the screening. On screen, while a medical team is battling to save his life in surgery, Clay fictionally travels into the animated world of his body to fight against characters that represent his disease. Supporting Clay on screen is a star-studded cast including Astin, who plays his father, and Hudson who performs as the voice of Clay's nemesis. Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (directors, Little Miss Sunshine), and actor Elijah Wood (from the upcoming film The Hobbit) were among the team members who mentored Clay through the filmmaking process. Make-A-Wish Foundation introduced Clay to MAFF.
Read more HERE.

View the trailer for the movie:

Elijah Wood was also involved with the project as a mentor for Clay. Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, neither Elijah nor Sean will be attending the premiere.

Sean, Clay and the rest of the cast of Deep Blue Breath. Photo from

April 18, 2011

On April 9, Sean hosted the annual Kicks for CASA (court appointed special advocates) benefit soccer tournament. CASA of Los Angeles actively recruits, screens and trains volunteers to advocate on behalf of foster children.

The event, sponsored by the Kappa Alpha Theta chapter of Pepperdine University, featured celebrity soccer games as well as a silent auction and musical entertainment. Alas Sean's team lost, but the money went to a good cause!

For more information, see and

There is also a short interview with Sean here:


In late March, Sean and his family met with Lois Lowry, author of “Number the Stars” the book Sean is adapting for the big screen."Number the Stars" is based on the true story of a young girl and her family who help Jewish friends escape from the Nazis in Denmark in 1943.

The Astins and Lowry met at the Getty Center in Los Angeles over tea. In her blog, Lowry writes: .. It was interesting to be in public with Sean, whose face is well known because of the Lord of the Rings movies, and to see the number of fans who come up to him and say, "Are you..." "Could you possibly be..?" "Can you sign my child's sweatshirt?" "Can I have my photo taken with you?" and to see that he remains cheerful and gracious. Fame could be a nuisance, I think.

Lowry also said: [Sean] and his wife have written a wonderful script that is quite true to the book; they have spent time in Denmark doing research and have made all of the preparations for the film...all but the money-raising! And now they are hard at work on that.

If the script is true to the book, then it will be wonderful indeed. We hope the Astins complete their fund-raising soon and get this important and moving story to the screen.

Photo courtesy of Lois Lowry

April 01, 2011

Sean Astin is confirmed to appear in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit movies! Read HERE the full article. April Fool ;) ... but it would have been wonderful!

March 29, 2011

On March 29, Sean Astin was spotted today drinking craft beer at Bilbo Baggins Global Wine Cafe and Restaurant in Old Town, Alexandria, VA.


On March 28, Sean gave a talk at the pre-conference reception for the first Wounded Warrior Care Coordination Summit in Leesburg, VA, outside Washington, DC.

The summit "will draw leaders from across the public and private sectors with the goal of improving the recovering care coordination for wounded warriors and their families.

Care Coordinators work closely with wounded, ill or injured Service members, families and their recovery team to develop a Comprehensive Recovery Plan. This plan identifies Service member and family goals and the resources they need to achieve them, such as assistive technology, education, employment, or housing."

More information


March 24, 2011

Sean will be a speaker at the Biola Media Conference in Studio City, CA on April 30.

March 12, 2011


From SyFy UK:

"Apologies for the change of plan for 'Witches of OZ'.

It is planned to be aired in the next few months but we do not know when this will be as yet. Apologies for any disappointment or confusion this may have caused."

The Witches of Oz will be airing on the SyFy Channel in the UK! Part 1 is scheduled to air at 8pm, Wednesday April 6 and Part 2 airs on Wednesday, April 13.

No news of it airing in the US yet.

February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Sean Astin!

Today is Sean Astin's birthday! Sean Astin was born on February 25, 1971, in Los Angeles, California. That makes him 40 years old today! Happy Birthday Sean and we hope that all your wishes come true.




Sean Movie News Update, February 25, 2011.

Sean’s name has been attached to a couple of proposed movie projects recently, though neither seems to be in production at this time.

“Hope Lost” will costar Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly from the TV show “Lost.”

“The film is about Joe Baker, a computer security tech who dreams of finding a special someone. But he gets more than he bargained for when he meets Hope, a woman who has the secret to eternal youth and enhanced perception. But after her untimely death, Joe gets drawn into a secret war for wealth and power, uncovering a conspiracy involving immortal beings.”

There’s no word on what Sean’s role would be, but more information on the movie and its creator can be found here:

Also in the works is the sci-fi thriller "The Truth About the War in Heaven: Declaration of War," the first of a proposed trilogy. Sean is cast in the role of Minister Watkins, apparently one of the bad guys!

Other cast includes Charles Dutton (Fortune in "Rudy") as Senator Jerry Ames, Pat Boone as the voice of Heavenly Father, Donald Sutherland as Governor Mason and Lindsay Lohan as Joyce.

The IMDB listing is here and a detailed, if confusingly written, synopsis is here:

Meanwhile, “The Witches of Oz,” with Sean as the sprite Frack, was delayed from the February 18 release date for an unknown length of time. Information on the delay was posted by director Leigh Scott here:

Finally, one Sean project has reached the small screen: “Robot Chicken,” a stop-motion sketch comedy that airs on Adult Swim channel. In a recent episode, Sean did the voice of Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs and of the comedian Gallagher in two separate and very funny sketches. You can watch them here:

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